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Sunday 14th December, 2014


SAVIOURThe 'bonsai like' lone mangrove of Deception Bay Some days you really wish that you had just stayed in bed for a couple of extra hours.


Take this morning for instance. After a last minute decision last night just before heading off to snooze town, I decided that I was going to get up early and chase a sunrise on the coast. I hastily threw a camera body, two lenses, my remote and GoPro into my bag, grabbed my tripod (I did remember to check that my plate was attached to the tripod - I've forgotten it before and learnt that lesson!) I looked at my memory cards, as I usually always take spares just in case, and said to myself, "Nah it's cool, I've already got a card in my camera!" I headed to the kitchen, grabbed a couple of apples and a banana, and put it all next to the front door to make a stealthy getaway.


So, my alarm goes off at 2.30am, and I jump out of bed, grab my clothes, my gumboots, a bottle of water and I am out the door heading for Beachmere. Along the way, I realise that I am probably a little late for Beachmere, so I reassess my destination and toss up between Nudgee Beach and Deception Bay. Deception Bay gets the nod, so I punch the new address in to my GPS and listen to the robotic voice tell me when to turn left and right.


I get to the carpark just as the the sky should be starting to lighten, but alas, this morning it is not due to there being about 75% cloud cover, and a very thick bank of clouds on the horizon. Immediately I start to regret my decision to forego some valuable sleepy time :(


Well, I put my gumboots on, attach a lens to my camera body, put my head torch on and head off down the path to the mangroves. At this point, I realise that it is already blowing about 15 knots, so the prospect of any reflections quickly disappears also. Oh well, maybe some moody black and whites will be the go for today.


I find my first composition, set my tripod up and turn my camera on to find a lovely little message pop up on the back screen....NO CARD IN CAMERA! What the? Are you freaking serious? What do you mean there is no card in the camera? I was just using it yesterday to take a picture of my dog! At that point, the penny dropped. Yes, I was using it yesterday, and yes, I did use it to take a picture of my dog. But guess what, after taking said picture of my dog, I took the card out of my camera to download said picture of dog, and didn't put the card back in my camera! Well, what a waste of time and sleep that was I think to myself. I was just about to pack my kit up, when I realised that I had packed my GoPro just in case I felt like taking a little time lapse while I was shooting stills, and that I did check that there was a memory card in it last night!!! WOOHOO!!!! All is not lost. So I quickly took my backpack off, grabbed my GoPro and removed the SD card from it, shoved it in my camera and formatted it. I was ready to go again.


After all this drama and carry on, I thought that maybe I might just get lucky and that the sun might break through for a few seconds to reward me for my efforts. But no, it did not, so here is my moody black and white of an awesome little mangrove that sits on the edge of Moreton Bay.


Still, in my books, if you can come home with at least one keeper from a session, it is still a success, hence the title of this shot.


Let's chalk this one up to experience!!!


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