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O'Reilly's, Lamington National Park

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:: G O L D E N S H A F T S ::The early morning sun pierces through the mist at Lamington National Park

Yesterday I went off searching for waterfalls up at O'Reilly's, which is part of Lamington National Park right on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.  I found them.  But more on them later.

Just after I had started my walk in the rainforest, there was a thin mist hanging between the trees from the low cloud, and I hoped that the sun would break through the clouds to provide me with some lovely beams.  I've tried for this type of shot, but never before were the conditions as good as what they were yesterday.  I crossed my fingers!

Well, as luck would have it (even though I don't really believe in luck!), I rounded the next bend, and this is what I was greeted with.

Thankfully, my camera was already on my tripod ready to go, which was very lucky, as I only managed 3 shots before the sun slipped back behind the thicker clouds, and these magical shafts of light disappeared.  After a quick check of the LCD screen on the back of my camera, I was I was pretty chuffed, and already my day was turning out even better then expected.

I continued on my way to the waterfalls, stopping periodically for more photo ops as they presented themselves to me.  While taking a couple of shots of some very impressive fungus, I decided to give the HD video feature of my camera a run.  I am a serious amateur when it comes to video, but I thought, "What the heck.  Let's have some fun!"  So I did.  I must admit, it feels a bit weird trying to star in your own little movie.  It really is something that I want to play around with more in the future, and one thing that I learnt yesterday - you really need a plan before you just shoot various random things.  Oh yeah, I also need to but a video head for my tripod if I'm going to play more!!!  I'll add the link to my video from my walk at the bottom of this post.

My first real stop was at Picnic Rock, but couldn't get to the spot that I wanted to due to the slippery rocks from the overnight rain.  I continued on to Elabana Falls, in the hope that by the time I came back to Picnic Rock, that the sun may have come out and dried the rocks, allowing for me to sneak where I wanted to.

Elabana Falls were absolutely beautiful.  A larger waterfall above, cascading into a beautiful pool, with several smaller falls then falling into another pool, before meandering through the rocks and continuing further down the creek.  I spent a considerable amount of time here, getting both stills and video footage of the falls, exhausting as many compositions as I could.  A bonus was seeing heaps of the Lamington spiny crayfish cruising around in the pools and streams.  It does spin me out that there is crayfish up in the mountains!  

Elabana Falls #1Cascading from the upper falls, through to the lower smaller falls.

Elabana Falls #3A closer view of the upper tier of Elabana Falls cascading in to the pool below.

After this, I made the decision to trek on a little further to Box Log Falls.  I love walking in the rainforest when there is a creek nearby.  The sound of the running water is just so relaxing.  I especially like hearing that sound of running water get louder with each step you take along the track.  The waterfall is getting closer!  Box Log Falls was a bit sneaky.  You could hear the sound of the rushing, falling water, but you couldn't see it from the end of the track.  However, the noise, mist and breeze being created by the falls led you to walk a bit further and have a peak around the moss and tree covered walls of the gorge.  Another spectacular sight is then in front of you.  Due to the amount of mist and breeze created by the falls, it made for quite a tricky place to set the tripod up, with my lens cleaning cloth getting a decent run between shots.

Box Log FallsThe stunning Box Log Falls with the high gorge walls shielding it from prying eyes.

I made my way back the way I had came, stopping in at Picnic Rock again, and now with the rocks dried, I was able to get to where I wanted.

With these shots now in the bag, I put the jetpack on and headed towards the carpark.  The jetpack didn't last that long however, as I kept on seeing more and more that stopped me in my tracks.

All up, I clocked just under 12k's, and thoroughly enjoyed each and every step.  There is no doubt I'll be back.


As promised, here is the little movie I made...



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